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The hypocrisy of deviantArt
Edit #5
Well, I'll be damned
Staff reply here:…
And we WON! We did it!
and my comment here: stating why this is still up
Edit #4: Iran is geobanned too see here Imagine!
Bravo deviantart, bravo, I applaud you
Please share this, every bit of support counts. I am probably getting my account perma banned after this journal, but I am voicing this discrimination and I want as many people to see it as possible. 
I know people will have various opinions about this. Voice them as you please, but politics shouldn't meddle with art. This isn't fair. This isn't right. You can't deny me service because some politician says so.
Edit: feb 17th: There's a petition now too
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Ads are bad
Hey guys, I recently took down all ads off my website and closed my Google AdSense account in protest against Google and the ad model in general. I only made a few hundred dollars per year off ads, so it’s not a massive sacrifice, but I feel like I’m doing my part.
Lately I’ve strongly felt that the ad model is doing serious harm to the content that is produced on the internet. It encourages safe, mainstream click-bait instead of high-quality, honest content. Some examples include:
• YouTube is de-monitizing any videos that could be considered controversial to appease advertisers, including video-game violence, swearing, and discussions about the news or politics. A lot of videos are also flagged falsely. For example a video providing help for suicidal people would be flagged as controversial as it’s related to a controversial topic. I’ve noticed that even harmless fail videos are censoring swearing. This is a bad direction to be going if you want a
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Uhhh guess I missed a year. ^^; I dunno who follows me anymore but I still float around and check my messages every month or so. And look! Drawings! Nothing particularly special or serious but I'm getting into it again like I promised myself I would! And as you can probably see, I'm completely hooked on to Haikyuu!! It seems almost absurd to me because I hate sports, haha. I don't care about watching them and I don't care about playing them. But somehow in anime/manga form, it's just 100 times more interesting because you get a narrative that's easy to digest and a strangely diverse and colourful cast of characters. If nothing else, you get some really kick ass art, animations and OSTs. They're also the best subjects for practising drawing realistic muscles. :D

For anyone that cares, I've been doing okay. The usual occasional drop into depression or anxiety mode but otherwise okay. This past September I finally got a 3 year temp job position and escaped my job agency, so that's nice I guess. The rest of 2016 was just a blur, to be honest. Except for December where I decided to go to Game Grumps Live! in Chicago and met a fellow Gintabro and then to Tokyo for a week to derp around with another Gintabro at the Haikyuu!!, Gintama, and One Piece events going on at the time. I say bros but we're all ladies with the heart of Shounen Jump. ;P

Man, January was such a slog but February felt like it didn't exist. How's the month already almost over?! Right now, I'm just chilling on my own as my parents flew my grandma to Vietnam for 3 weeks with the hopes that our relatives over there can take care of her full time. For the past while my parents had been driving over to my grandma's apartment nearby to feed and take care of her, and it was really stressful for both them and me (because when they're stressed, they take it out on me...) It's been really liberating living on my own and I've always intended on moving out at some point. Just dunno where or when right now.

But before that, need to get a permanent job whether at my current position or somewhere else. I've played around with the idea of becoming a Patreon artist or doing commissions, but I've never been really good at keeping my promises of drawings I wanted to do for other people. Maybe because I get nothing in return but at the same time, my perfectionism prevents me from drawing efficiently and quickly and on a regular basis. I get burned out pretty easily and when I don't feel like doing something, chances are that I won't do it or it takes up twice as much energy to do it.

Well I'll see how things play out. If I have my eye on a goal, I can get pretty relentless in chasing it so I don't have to worry about giving up. And if I really want to make something happen, I make it happen.

Cheers, and see ya in 2018 maybe.
  • Listening to: Haikyuu!! OST 3 - The Battle of Concepts
  • Reading: Haikyuu!!
  • Watching: Gintama.
  • Playing: Pokemon Moon (3DS), Tales of Zestiria (PC)
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  • Drinking: Vanilla almond milk


aka - Kurosuzaku
So I haven't updated that DevID in over 6 years...


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